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    < ScapeRune > An oldschool project 06/07

    ScapeRune is a professional and highly accurate RuneScape emulator from the #464 revision in July 4th, 2007. Free-to-play is completely emulated, and members content has just been released, with a handful of features waiting for you to enjoy them.

    ScapeRune is the only server of it's kind, with highly dedicated developers that release numerous updates on a weekly/monthly basis. You cannot pay to win, you can only play to win. Donating won't get you any ingame perks, therefore everyone has the same advantages ingame. The server can be found here on www.scaperune.info Be sure to aswell check out our discord on https://discord.gg/3teXeAw We are an highly friendly community.

    Some notable features:
    - All F2P Quests & 25+ Member quests (including Monkey Madness)
    - Cutscenes (Draynor bank robery, Dragon Slayer shipwreck, etc)
    - All random events (ents, whirlpools, prison pete, evil bob, etc)
    - Fully functional bank pins and recovery questions
    - All music tracks and weapon/spell sounds
    - Full skills written from scratch
    - Stronghold of Security
    - 2x exp rate

    Viimati muutis Digikass - 03. juuni 2018 kell 16:20. Põhjus: Muutsin infot

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