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    Mängijate soovil lisasime ka Freestyle serveri, kus eesmärgiks pole rohkemat, kui üheskoos trikke otsida ja landida proovida.
    Esialgu on serveris 84 mapi. Kui tunnete, et midagi on puudu, andke teada ja lisame.
    IP: surf.ga:27035

    Speedrun serverite uuendused:

    27/12/2016 03:48
    Added the command /crank, which shows you your (or another player's, if specified) rank in their country.

    26/12/2016 19:46
    Made nightvision show for spectators aswell.

    26/12/2016 15:25
    Added Country Ranking and country specific Player Ranking pages onto the Web Stats. The Country Ranking can be accessed from the Main Menu of the Stats, while the country specific Player Ranking pages can be accessed by clicking on a country's name anywhere on the Web Stats.

    25/12/2016 16:39
    Fixed Extra HUD not disappearing after first spawn.

    24/12/2016 15:11
    Fixed being able to finish some levels in ways that shouldn't be possible due to dieing when the timer is not running.

  2. Reklaam

    Reklaamid on Google Adsense poolt
    Vahvel.Net ei ole reklaamidega seotud ega saa neid muuta

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    Dydl's Avatar
    ☁ Pilvede peal ☁
    Liitus detsember 2010
    Postitusi 1,968
    Mänginud 658h 21m
    Võite 13748
    KDR 1.08 (28.4k/26.3k)
    Tundub täitsa arvestatav kommuun, kus omanik ikka oskab ja näeb vaeva serverite paremaks tegemisel.
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    Oleme vahepeal lisanud Freestyle serverisse JumpStatsi ja ka paar uut mapi.

    Lisaks muidugi Speedrun serverite uuendused:

    01/01/2017 00:00
    Reworked the commands /wr, /br, /wrcp to optionally show the records for another map. The World Record command now also automatically checks for a Brazilian Record if there is no World Record present on the map. Syntaxes: /wr (map); /br (map); /wrcp level (map)

    31/12/2016 21:37
    Added the command /ctop, which shows you the Country Ranking page. If you specify a country's name or 2/3-letter shortcode (EE - EST - Estonia; SE - SWE - Sweden; etc.) after the command, it will instead show you the Player Ranking page for that country.

    31/12/2016 21:37
    Made a lot of small tweaks to the operation of both the Speedrun plugin and the Web Stats, improving security and optimization.

    31/12/2016 21:37
    Fixed being able to make a Custom Start while spectating or while in air.

    30/12/2016 18:50
    When opening the Pro15 page in game, it will now show your time highlighted on it. If your time is not on the current page, it will be added to the top of the list (if it's faster) or to the bottom of the list (if it's slower).

    30/12/2016 14:36
    All players making runs are now being recorded and the Best times made for each map are saved and played back by a BOT. For Beta testing purposes, the BOT playing back Official World Records is temporarily disabled.

    30/12/2016 14:36
    Fixed BOTs being able to do level records and removed all of their records from the database.

    30/12/2016 14:36
    Changed the AFK plugin to stop counting players' game time instead of kicking after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    30/12/2016 14:36
    Tweaked the Web Stats design even further and optimized a lot of it's code.

    30/12/2016 14:36
    Set the HUD Timer/Spec Timer location lower, as it was hidden under the black border while spectating.

    30/12/2016 14:36
    Fixed spawning back in a wrong location after having gone into spectator mode while in noclip.

    27/12/2016 17:40
    Reworked the Web Stats appearance.
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    Surf.ga domeenist jäime ilma, seda asendab nüüd serveritele vajalikel funktsioonidel meil juba mõnda aega sekundaarse domeenina kasutusel olnud Speedrun.eu.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    Added additional console commands for several otherwise chat-only commands. It is recommended to use the console commands instead of chat commands for any binds. You can see the added commands on the commands list.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    The commands /help, /cmds, /commands now show the list of available commands on a web page instead of a list in your console. All of the speedrun related commands are already added to the list, but some from other plugins are still to be added.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    Changed all the systems still working on the old Surf.GA domain (which as of today is no longer ours) to work on the new Speedrun.EU domain. If you still notice any webpage related functions (except those related to WRs/BRs - they will be fixed after we move the World-Surf.com host) that are broken, please let me know.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    Added the commands /p, /players, /ranking which open the Player Ranking page.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    Added the commands /maps, /listmaps, /maplist, which open the Map Statistics page.

    06/01/2017 21:14
    Made several minor bugfixes within the main speedrun plugin.

    06/01/2017 19:14
    AFK players are no longer counted in the amount of RTVs needed for the vote to start. Additionally, rocked votes and nominated maps no longer reset after a map gets extended.

    06/01/2017 19:14
    Associated both of the Speedrun servers with a Steam Game Server account. This means that if we ever need to change IPs again, the servers should stay in your favorites/history list.

    06/01/2017 19:14
    Reverted back to the old semiclip method (remade in a slightly more efficient way), as although the new one was more efficient, it was less effective.

    06/01/2017 17:44
    Added the command /lvl, which teleports you to the level specified.

    05/01/2017 04:13
    Fixed the Level LastPRO page not showing most of the last level records.

    05/01/2017 04:13
    Added a third BOT, which will replay the Level World Records on demand. To request a record, use the command /lvlbot

    05/01/2017 04:13
    Added back the Official World Record/BraziliaN Record BOT, with some of it's code remade, making it look much smoother.

    03/01/2017 03:15
    Changed the vote duration to 30 seconds and the run-off vote duration to 20 seconds.

    03/01/2017 00:53
    Weekly points no longer affect the Overall points. We decided this to make the ranking more fair for people who play less often as well as newcomers.

    02/01/2017 21:37
    Fixed the BOT sometimes crashing the server after the first run is made when there's no BOT demo present yet.
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    Oleme nüüd partnerluses 8bits Gaming kommuuniga, mis keskendub ka muule kui surfile. Proovige kindlasti ka nende serverid järgi @ www.8bits-gaming.com
    Kõigile nende serveritele saab ligi ka läbi meie serverite uue /server plugina.

    Speedrunide uuendused:

    16/01/2017 15:20
    Added some automated ad messages to all of the servers.

    16/01/2017 00:41
    Fixed the map ratings not appearing on votes anymore.

    15/01/2017 23:27
    Remade the whole /server plugin and also made it show our new partner's, 8bits Gaming's servers.

    15/01/2017 23:22
    Changed the command /lang to show a custom language choosing menu with only the languages that have translations available on the server. Also added an automated message telling about the command upon joining the server for people who do not have a language set and whose native language is supported by the server.

    15/01/2017 19:25
    Fixed the map surf_maya crashing the server.

    15/01/2017 03:13
    For standardization purposes, the HUD Timer now also shows 2 decimal places, although it's only accurate up to 1 decimal place.

    14/01/2017 23:30
    Added the Russian language pack for the Speedrun plugin. Huge thanks to FiiX for the translation!

    14/01/2017 23:29
    Added the command /lang as a chat command equivalent for amx_langmenu, which allows you to change between languages.

    14/01/2017 23:29
    Fixed getting wrong times on notifications after having your Level World Record beaten as well as a few other small issues introduced with the last updates.

    13/01/2017 07:33
    Reworked the whole Speedrun plugin to allow multilingual operation and made a translation to Estonian, changing the wording for some English phrases as well. While doing that, also removed some redundant and/or unused code and changed some of the chat messages to HUD messages to reduce chat spam.

    12/01/2017 20:22
    Improving your time on a map now also updates your name on the TOP to your current name.

    12/01/2017 09:16
    Completely reworked the ranking algorithm. The new algorithm can be seen on the Frequently Asked Questions page (/faq) under "How does the ranking work?".

    12/01/2017 09:15
    Added the command /faq, which shows you a Frequently Asked Questions page. Also changed the command /help to show the same thing. There are only a few Q&As on the page for now, but more will be added as more questions become "Frequently Asked".

    11/01/2017 23:19
    Fixed the server sometimes showing the wrong place on the scoreboard, improvement messages and personal record commands if there is another person on the same place.

    11/01/2017 02:48
    Changed the donator glow to be more appealing and less annoying to have contact with.

    11/01/2017 02:44
    The command /wrcp will now tell you the best possible run on the current map according to Level World Records, if you specify 'run' after the command. Syntax: /wrcp run

    11/01/2017 00:42
    Added the commands /bind, /script, which write the multiple +use bind to your console for easy copy-pasting.

    10/01/2017 04:50
    The Player Ranking page now also shows the difference between the players' current rank and their rank a week before. As there is no previous data for this, the system will be fully functional in another week.

    09/01/2017 19:42
    All map rating values on the Web Stats are now shown as stars instead of raw numbers.

    08/01/2017 01:25
    Added a table to the top of the Weekly Player Ranking page, showing the 10 most weekly points ever.

    07/01/2017 20:47
    Fixed World and Brazil Record commands and BOTs.

    07/01/2017 20:00
    Reworked the /pron command to be able to search for a map with only a part of the map's name. Syntax: /pron mapname/part (player)
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    Easy Maps Speedrun server läheb vähese huvi tõttu sulgemisele. Suure tõenäosusega tuleb selle asemele Surf Kill server (seda siis teiste mapidega, kui Surf_ski_2).

    Nüüdsest on aga esmakordselt meie peaaegu kahe aastase tegutsemisaja jooksul meie põhilisi Speedrun servereid võimalik proovima tulla ka Non-Steameritel. Seda tingimusel, et neil on Protocol 48 versioon mängust ja neil ei ole võimalik edetabelitesse pääseda.

    Lisaks sellele on Surf_ski_2 serveris mõned uuendused:
    Serveri FPS tõstetud varasema 100 pealt 500 peale, mis peaks aitama mängijatele sujuvamat mänguelamust pakkuda.
    Tiimid võrdsustatakse nüüd igal raundil jooksvalt, mitte järgneval roundil.
    Maksimaalne rahalimiit on eemaldatud.
    Raundi maksimaalne ajalimiit on muudetud 3 minuti peale.
    Võimalus poole raundi ajal reconnectides uuesti spawnida on parandatud.
    Raundi vahetusel laevad kõik relvad end automaatselt ära.
    Viimati muutis DjSkca_ - 20. jaanuar 2017 kell 05:54.
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    Line-upi lisandus Surf Deathmatch server, kuid ärge laske sellel nimel end lollitada, tegemist pole mingi tavalise Surf DM serveriga:

    Serveris on (esialgu) 13 mapi, kuhu kõigisse on lisatud alguspunktid üle terve mapi. Nendes punktides spawnid sa serveriga liitudes, surres ja alla kukkudes (jailid on eemaldatud). Viimasel kahel juhul kaotad ka $500 raha. Selle kaotuse saad aga tasa teha killidega - nimelt saad ühe killi eest $2000, või kui see oli HS, siis $3000. Raha salvestub ka sinu järgmiseks mängusessiooniks, seega toimetage sellega mõistlikult.

    Peale selle on serveris veel hulgaliselt väikseid mugavuslisasid - näiteks relvakates on lõputult relvi, oma tiimikaaslastest saab läbi minna, tiimid võrdsustuvad automaatselt iga surma järel, eemale jäädes suunatakse sind mõne aja pärast automaatselt Spectatoriks jne. Kõigi võimalustega tutvumiseks peate serveri ise järgi proovima.

    Nagu ka Surf_ski_2 serveris, on meie Surf Deathmatch serveris raha limiit eemaldatud ja serveri FPS on 500.

    NB! Enamus serveri lisad on spetsiaalselt selle serveri jaoks koostatud ja neid on testitud vaid lühiajaliselt mõne mängijaga, seega andke igasugustest probleemidest kindlasti teada.

    Serveri IP: speedrun.eu:27010
  9. #18
    Rahvaküsitluste põhjal näib, et Surf_ski_2 mängijad jagunevad praktiliselt 50-50 - kellele meeldib pigem jailiga mängida, kellele ilma. Sellest lähtuvalt otsustasin avada ka teise Surf_ski_2 serveri, ilma jailita. Sellele serverile saab ligi läbi IP: speedrun.eu:27017

    Lisaks arendasin mõlemale serverile välja mitmed uued süsteemid:
    Uus top15 süsteem
    Exitkill vastane süsteem
    Võimalus oma tiimikaaslasi, vett, ning teatud teisi objekte mapis nähtamatuks muuta, mis aitab FPS probleemidega. (/invis)
    Üle 15 sekundi relvakas viibides viskab automaatselt välja
    /resetscore või lühendatult, /rs käsklus, mis võimaldab oma hetkene skoor lähtestada
    Automaatne tiimi valimine vastavalt tiimide suurustele ja skooridele, nii serveriga liitudes kui ka specist lahkudes
    Helisignaalid ja tekstsõnumid, kui proovid tappa keelatud kohas või viisil
    Kukkumiskahju blokeerija
    Peale 30 sekundit eemalolekut tõstetakse sind automaatselt pealtvaatajaks

    Ilma jailita serverile lõin ka järgmised lisad:
    Alla kukkudes on 1.5 sekundit protection
    Spawnib poolsuvalisse kohta õige jaili asukoha kandis, vältimaks üksteise sisse kinni jäämist
    Viimati muutis DjSkca_ - 29. jaanuar 2017 kell 14:12.
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  11. #20
    Tsitaat Esialgu postitas: olleJel
    kus olid 5aastat tagasi?
    Oleks vaid keegi mind surfile tutvustanud 5 aastat tagasi...

    Serveritel on jälle uued IPd, kuid seda garanteeritult viimast korda. Palun lisage need omale uuesti lemmikutesse, esimeses postituses olevate IPde järgi.

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