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    Tsitaat Esialgu postitas: Amadeos
    Mul üks küsimus.. Kas siis peab uue kasutaja tegema, või jääb sama kasutaja alles?
    Ma arvan ,et sama kasutajaga saab mängida edasi.Kui kuskil kirjas pole siis saab mängida sama kasutajaga aga kui on kirjas ,et peab uue tegema siis uus tuleb teha ,mis on muidugi nõme.

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    einoo , nad v6iks panna ss double xp ka , poleks pointi paljudel m2ngida.
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    Tsitaat Esialgu postitas: Kevins
    einoo , nad v6iks panna ss double xp ka , poleks pointi paljudel m2ngida.
    Mõttetu on see doble xp ,ütle mis selle mõtte oleks ?Et saada kiiresti 99 ja kõik ,pigem las olla originaalne ja kõik.

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    Saad enda useriga logida aga statsid on 1.
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    mnja , j2lle 6 aastat ja ss saan pool maxed kasu ?
    pm nad v6iks teha kaks serveri kus on EoC - 2007 , ise eelistaks 2010
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    Ma olen 90% kindel, et peab uue kasutaja tegema või siis äärmisel juhul sama kasutajaga algusest peale.

    Ise ka eelistaks natuke uuemat versiooni, kus G.E ka olemas on. (Tean, et 2 G.E on raske üleval hoida)
    Aga vähemalt võtsid kuulda mängjaskonda lõpuks ja teevad selle vote vähemalt ära.
    Viimati muutis PIMPIN ' - 13. veebruar 2013 kell 21:34.

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    Paljud küsivad nii sarnaseid küsimusi, lugege see FAQ läbi, peaksite asja selgeks saama.
    Lühidalt, kõik levelid on mängima asudes 1 , aasta 2007 augusti Rs serverid, G.E-d pole, votemine avatakse 15veebr kestab 2 nädalat ja hääletada saavad vaid memberid, kasutajanimi jääb samaks, jne.

    Tsitaat Tsitaat
    Can you clarify what the 2007 service will consist of?

    We are looking at fully restoring our backup of the August 10th 2007 version of the game and running it on dedicated servers, so that it functions exactly as it did back in the day. We’ll try to fix any critical bugs from this version, and to have the hiscores system too. We’ll work to make this compatible with our modern infrastructure, so it will use the current account database and you'll be able to use your existing account to log in, if you wish.

    Does this mean I can play my character from back in 2007?

    No, everyone will start fresh.

    Can I still play on the “main” game with my account?

    Yes, you’d have a unique ‘save game’ on each version of the game, but access with the same account credentials, so you only need to remember one username and password.

    Why members only? Members don’t represent all interested potential players...

    Our current members are the ones we know for sure are committed to RuneScape and have the biggest stake in our future. If a member votes, we have a high confidence they’ll follow through, as they actively play and pay for RuneScape already. Another reason is that a members' poll run using our own systems is something we can do securely, completely trusting the validity of the result.

    Are there enough members to hit targets?

    As a private business, we don’t publish our membership numbers, but RuneScape is still one of the largest MMORPGs in the world and we have set targets for this poll that we know to be credible. The top target is a stretch goal, as it would need overwhelming support from the community to attain.

    I’m a free player. Why doesn’t my vote count?

    Jagex is a business, and when launching an additional service we need to be confident that it will generate enough revenue to be commercially viable. This is why we’re gauging interest only from paying players. As you’ll see in the poll targets, if there are enough poll votes from members, we will open the 2007 service to free players too. Please be aware that only proper members, and not trialists, can vote.

    If successful, when will these 2007 servers go live?

    We’re waiting on the result of the poll before we invest significant development time in bringing you the 2007 service. However we think that we can make it ready inside 1 or 2 months – we’ll give more detail on this after the poll when we’ve planned in more detail, should it be successful.

    How many 2007 worlds will there be?

    This will depend on the vote and (if successful) continued demand once live. We’ll provide enough servers to support the demand.

    Why are you charging additional fees for the lower targets?

    Any service we provide needs to be commercially viable for us. There will be a big investment for us to bring you RuneScape 2007 servers, and then on-going costs to maintain and support these over time. If there are not many players interested in this service, we effectively need to spread the costs over a smaller number of users.

    Will there be micro-payments like Squeal of Fortune on the 2007 server?

    No. It will only contain content that was present at the time.

    Why have you released the 2007 version of RuneScape when we have been asking for a 2006 version?

    We don’t have many full backups, and don’t have any from 2006 at all, unfortunately. This version from August 2007 is the most complete (most technically viable). It also sits in a sweetspot in time which has most of the features players have asked for, but is still before the release of the Grand Exchange, which is the cut off point we’ve seen mentioned the most.

    If this is successful, will you spend less time updating the main game?

    No. The future of RuneScape remains the “main” game, and we’ve got an incredibly exciting year ahead; new client technology in HTML5, improved graphics, an epic campaign of episodic content, two new skills, and much more.

    Are the games connected in any way?

    We are working to get the chat system (friends and private messages) working between the services. Apart from this, though, the games will be totally separate – one will not affect the other. A 2007 service would have a separate economy, started from scratch. This means items could not be traded or transferred across the services.

    Will this split the community?

    We hope not! By hosting the service ourselves and by supporting cross-version chat, we hope to keep the community together and playing actively.

    What if I don’t want this service?

    Then there is no need to participate in the poll and you will not be charged to play the 2007 version of the game should it be released.

    Will there be translated versions of the 2007 game?

    No, just English.

    Does voting for the 2007 service lock me in to paying for it?

    No. You will simply be expressing your interest and contributing towards the targets.

    Are you considering a pre-EoC server, like a 2011 version?

    No. We strongly believe that the changes we’ve made to the main game are the right ones, representing the future of RuneScape. The 2007 server vote is for players who want to experience the old days and don’t mind the differences in gameplay and visuals from over 5 years ago.

    Will there be any JMod/Community support for the 2007 version of the game?

    We will provide basic support services, such as the report tool for reporting disruptive or abusive players. JMods and PMods will also be present. The amount of active community support, such as events , will depend on the level of demand.

    Will you be publishing the results?

    The vote system will be like the Wildy poll, with live results being shown on the voting page.
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    26 November2007 tuli GE :S
    Tegelt GE võiks tulla ja sinna. Võiks 750k saada oleks kenake Kahju, et aind memberid saavad voteda.
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    Ülikõva ju kui kõik 0-st alustavad inimesed hakkavad rabelema kes esimestena abyssal demonitesse jms jõuavad. See muidugi veits tobe, et GE-d poleks, imo üks parimaid asju RS-is, tegi elu mugavaks.

    Ma ei mäletagi mis 2007 oli, mis viimane skill oli mis välja tulnud oli tollel ajal? Vaatasin järgi, ja viimane backup tehti täpselt 18 päeva ennem GWD välja tulekut

    Tolajal oli freetrade ka veel? Isiklikult ausalt öeldes, meeldiks kui seda ei oleks. Kõik nullist + selle mitte olemine oleks ülimalt awesome. Pole mingeid krediitkaardi herosi kes hunnikutes mille kokku ostavad.
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    eitea veel midagi , vb ei saa reseti ,

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